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135mm lens

 That beastly lens came in the mail this morning, along with these rolls of film from Thailand. Not in the mail, but at the store were two pairs of shoes that'll make an appearance here at some point. 

I'm super excited about the lens, mostly about learning how to use a 135mm lens. It's such a change from my 50mm and 28mm that I've been using on the film camera below. I'm not used to long lenses, and so the learning curve is going to be steep. I need to back away a lot more than I thought, and it's not always doable or practical. I took a few photos with it this afternoon, and I was amazed by the things I could see that are usually just a tiny dot in my frames. It's kind of mind-blowing to see how powerful such a small thing can be. It's making me want to read up on camera optics to understand how lenses are made. I used to suck at science so I can't promise my efforts will be conclusive. I guess that's one reason why I'll never be a great photographer. You need a lot more technical knowledge than my brain can understand, especially since I'm mostly learning by doing, and reading a few things here and there. 

 I have an addiction to lemon zest and ricotta and it's not even funny. I crave it so much right now. I made this last night, and ricotta + lemon zest + green peas + fava beans = awesome. I didn't take a picture of the finished product though because I get made fun of to no end for taking food pictures. Let me just tell you that it was heavenly. 


Spring dresses

I photographed my spring dresses yesterday morning, using my window as a clothes rack. It wasn't a sunny day, yet the light looked pretty in some of these photos.  
For some reason, I love the above photo. I love the light and low contrast. 
This is my favorite dress. It's just so adorable and retro. 

Six of those dresses are new, and from ASOS

More dressesCollapse )
Cute sleeve.  

Food Friday

Now, every Friday, I'll post a recipe on my blog for something I made during the week. It's a good way to make me experiment with new recipes and practice food photography. Of course, when I'm in Portland, I'll incorporate some local ingredients, and experiment more with recipes because Brent is an awesome cook and I learn so much from him. Interestingly enough, I taught him how to make better pancakes. The poor boy used too much butter so they were a little too mushy. 


I posted my recipe for spinach, feta & dill empanadas at my blog.


 I am very happy to report that my Minolta's shutter is not stuck. I still need to finish the roll that's in it to figure out if it's really okay since the last roll I shot through it was blank. I need to find somewhere to go soon where I can use the 28mm lens that was in the camera's case. I only used the 50mm lens that was on it. I wonder if my mom ever really used the 28mm. Also, I'd love to see photos she took with it. I can't believe the camera is my age. 

New blog entries

 I have two new blog entries at my blog for which I just made a button.  You can click on the banner below to check them out! I've also completely redone the design because I'd grown tired of that splashy layout. If you have a blog, let's be friends! 


One entry features this photo below, taken on Mississippi Ave in Portland.  


Oct. 20th, 2010

 I created a Tumblr 5 days ago, and finally started updating it yesterday. So far, it only contains my photos, but I might do a little bit of writing. I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. I'm thinking I should use it to display my photos in a more aesthetically pleasing fashion. I like Flickr, but you don't have much leeway to design your own space. 

You can now follow me here: annesol.tumblr.com/

I tried to register as a freelance photographer this morning, but there were so many boxes I couldn't fill out, so I gave up. I'm going to ask for Flore's advice. 

Fremont, Seattle

 In Fremont, the first afternoon I spent in Seattle, I did what Road Side America told me to, and paid a visit to the Fremont troll, located under the Fremont bridge.


I had to wait until the loud suburbanites left until I could get a decent shot that didn't include someone's rude 7 year old.


Lenin, the river bank and a dinosaur!Collapse )

Pioneer Square area, Seattle

 This post should also be called, why, yes, I do like red brick and ivy covered buildings!

Pioneer SquareCollapse )

Seattle Part 6

I started looking through my photo albums again this week; the break was necessary. It helped me be more objective about my work. Oddly, the thing that really helped was editing some campaign photos, which I'll start posting here after the election on November 2nd. In the meantime, here are more Seattle pictures, still from that first morning. 


Pasta stand at Pike Place Market, 
where I bought some chocolate linguine. 

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